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Hydrangea: The Wedding Workhorse
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Fluffy, ethereal, and full of bouncy lightness; the hydrangea is one of the hardest working flowers in the wedding industry. Their beautiful heads of delicate blooms are out there every event hustling!

Below are 5 reasons why hydrangeas should work for you on your big day.

  • Beauty on a budget

    • You may be thinking that bigger blooms means a bigger budget and you’re not totally wrong. However think of it this way- more money up front for each stem of full fluffy hydrangea but less money on filler flowers. You’re shaking your head at me saying, “Girl, your math makes no sense” but here is the truth from the florist’s mouth. The more space your bloom takes up the less space I need to hide with filler flowers. Since 2-3 hydrangea may already fill your compote, bouquet or archway, then in the end we are simply filling in small gaps with maybe 3-5 stems of filler flowers and greens.

    • TL;DR Big blooms like hydrangea take up more space and save you money!

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  • Lifting your arch to a new level

    • If you’re loving this arch trend like I am then you know how absolutely stunning a well placed floral arch piece can be. What you don’t want however is an arch so weighed down with florals and greenery that the couple, venue, and even the view are being looked over.

    • It’s not your arch’s day- it’s yours!

    • A cluster or 2 of light and almost weightless hydrangea pieces keep your arch, pergola, mandap, or chuppa an accent to the stunning couple and not the star of the show.

Couple: Corrie & Jeremy | Photographer:  Jesse Speelman

Couple: Corrie & Jeremy | Photographer: Jesse Speelman

  • Ultimate versatility

    • Are you having an event or wedding with huge lush centerpieces? Hydrangeas in a compote. Looking for something light and simple? Hydrangea in glass. Just wanting something classic and low for the table? Hydrangea bulbs in a bowl. Looking to wow at your banquet wedding with tall arrangements? Hydrangeas on an elevated stand. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Hydrangeas can hustle for every type of wedding.

  • Bouquet Bombshell

    • Whether you are looking for an asymmetrical garden style bouquet or a classic tight and full - our hardworking queen, the hydrangea, is here to elevate you to the next level! Close your eyes and imagine (also look at the pictures below) a gorgeous colorful antique hydrangea gracing us with its presence in a whimsically draped garden style bouquet. Now think about a full and bouncy handful of ivory hydrangea wrapping around greens and small blooms to create the most perfectly round bouquet! I’m swooning, how about you?

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  • A true chameleon of color

    • Naturally, hydrangea come in an array of color depending on the pH and aluminum ions found in their soil. Most commonly white or ivory, they can be found green, pink, red, purple, dark purple, and blue. Often times a naturally colored hydrangea is more expensive than an artificially colored (or sprayed) hydrangea. Spraying hydrangea has gotten a bad rap, but the flowers don’t mind the spray for a single day event and if the designer knows what they’re doing with a can of coloring spray- they can really fool the eye!